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What people are saying about Advanced Physical MedicineAfter 002 (160 lbs)

I had pain along both sides of the neck area, across both shoulders and down the shoulder blades on both sides. I had difficulty moving, holding my head up, and keeping my shoulders back. I am now able to hold my head up in correct posture (this is a God-send). My head is lighter feeling and I move easier and faster….so comfortably.  This is available and should be used. It is so easy and effective, anyone would feel much better. I have been a patient of Advanced Physical Medicine for about 7 years and this adds another aspect to my wellness program.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. -Jenny E.


I was having constant neck and shoulder pain. My experience has been awesome and is now my first line of defense before i will go to regular medicine. The environment has always been educational, uplifting, and has been successful for me. -Tava U


I was experiencing neck, shoulder and back pain following a motor vehicle accident. Advanced Physical Medicine focuses on getting you out of pain and finding the methods for you to achieve lasting results. It is very personalized and tailored to your individual needs. You will feel better!  Physical Medicine has helped me to be more relaxed, sleep better, and has increased my flexibility.  -Joshua B.


Excellent – Eliminated headaches within a couple of sessions and reduced pain in problem areas.  -Rick C

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