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Sports Physicals

Save $10 on Sports and Camp Physicals – Final price $35!For a limited time, at Advanced Physical Medicine, for a youth sports, camp or school physical, and save $10 off the already discounted price.What are sports and camp physicals?

Advanced Physical Medicine provides routine camp, school and sGirl playing golfports physicals.
Specific requirements vary by school, camp or sports association. These examinations all provide an opportunity for healthcare providers to discuss important healthcare issues with both guardians and children, and to ensure that the individual is healthy and physically able to perform in camp, school, or sports. Physical exams provide an opportunity to review the individual’s complete health history and ensure that he or she is up-to-date with current recommendations for their age group.

Who needs sports and camp physicals?

Contact your school, camp or sports association for specific recommendations in your area. Many schools require these examinations at least once a year or before participating in any physical activity, camp, or sport.

Before you come in to Advanced Physical Medicine, make sure you have completed any forms/letters required for the physical and bring all required forms with you. Minors must be accompanied by an adult chaperone or guardian or have parental/guardian permission. Most camp, back-to-school, and sports physicals are not covered by insurance. Payment via cash or credit card is due at the time of service. Certain exceptions, including age restrictions, may apply.

The primary goal of the Preparticipation Physical Exam (PPE) is to capitalize on the safe participation by children and adolescents. The PPE is not designed to be the comprehensive adolescent evaluation recommended by the American Medical Association. On the contrary, the comprehensive health maintenance visit should not substitute for the PPE unless it includes all the components of the sports history and physical examination.

The medical history is the most sensitive and detailed component of the PPE for detecting conditions that prevent participation in sports. Personal and family history and review of systems detect approximately 80 percent of conditions that restrict participation or require further evaluation. Parents should review the family history with the athlete if they will not be present for the examination.

The history should include a general medical history, injury history, and a cardiovascular history, including pertinent family history. Particular attention should be paid to:

  1. Past medical history, including conditions currently being treated
  2. Prior surgery and results
  3. Loss of function in one of any paired organs (eye, testis, kidney)
  4. History of heat-related illness
  5. Current medications, supplements, or herbal therapy
  6. Immunization history
  7. Menstrual history in female athletes
  8. A history of rapid increase or decrease in body weight and the athlete’s perception of his or her current body weight

The physical exam will include the following components:

  1. Vital signs
  2. Eye exam
  3. Musculoskeletal examination
  4. Cardiac examination
  5. Appearance
  6. Eyes/Ears/Nose/Throat
  7. Hearing
  8. 6. Lymph Nodes
  9. Lungs
  10. Abdomen
  11. Skin
  12. Genitourinary (deferred at our facility)

Conditions that restricted athletic participation in these studies included:

Knee instability, Scoliosis, Femur fracture, Elbow dislocation, Ventricular arrhythmia, Congenital heart disease, Recurrent concussion, Abdominal Mass

Camp, sports and school physicals are available at our clinic for patients ages 21 and under, by our Family Nurse Practitioner for only $35. Make an appointment today to receive this special offer (click here to download our flyer).